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Suspended Ceilings

An exposed grid system is suspended /hung from a concrete slab, mainly used in offices due to the ease of access into the roof (to run various cables and adaptable for changes ). A wide range of tiles are offered by Contour Ceilings And Design, which is all dependant on the needs of the client and environment ,we offer a wide range of ceiling tiles from acoustic, insulated ,dexterity etc. Please feel free to discuss your needs with one of our sales reps.

Flush Plastered Ceilings

Flush plastered ceilings are ideal for a class finish, be it a residence, shopping mall or a restaurant. We do not compromise on the thickness of the ceiling board, a 9mm or 12mm ceiling board (application dependant) is used on a flush plastered ceiling, because a 6mm board will sag over time and the plaster will crack .The 6mm board is not designed to carry the weight of the plaster. Contour Ceilings and Design also prefer to use steel brandering as opposed to pine branding as steel branding will not rot or bow over time.


“L” Shaped Bulkhead

A box is created against a feature wall ,dropping down from the original ceiling height can be used for down lights to highlight valued art on a wall or to tie in two rooms with different ceiling heights.

Light Trough Bulkheads

A light trough is a gap above the standard ceiling height in order to produce a superior effect on the area Used to section or highlight areas in an open plan room, alternatively used to add a dramatic impression placing lights in the light trough on a different circuit to the main lights in the room will create soft relaxing and calming effect in the room.

Barrels And Vaults

Extruding barrels are generally used to disguise air conditioning ducting or unsightly structural Protrusions with a barrel or vaulted ceiling there must be sufficient space between the roof void to house the indentation Alternatively the ceiling height will need to be dropped.

“U” Shaped Bulkhead

Creating a feature in the middle of the room or dividing two areas a “U” shaped bulkhead would be installed, Often used to mirror a central work unit in a kitchen or bar area Ideal for drawing attention to a unique chandelier/or piece of lighting .

Cornice And Ceiling Roses

Other Products

Contour Ceilings And Designs offer various other products at you our valued clients request.


Contour Ceilings And Designs also specialise in Partitions not just ceilings ,we have teams that specialise in this sort of work( commonly known as Dry Walling)this is very popular in the commercial sector .Because of the low carbon footprint and the green stamp of approval ,are fast becoming a popular way of building in the residential sector. Both the USA and other European countries have been using dry walling for years due to the fast erecting times and the insulation factors that can be added to secure a well-sealed draft free building. The advantage of building with Gypsum Board is that the board can be manipulated into various shapes and lengths ,to create” niche walls “ or a rounded wall .It would take a builder a couple of days to build ,and we are able to reproduce the wall in a couple of hours .Gypsum board are available with a fire rating of up to 2 hours , which is the equivalent to a double brick wall .We have converted a standard server room into a 2 hour fire rating fortress .there is also moisture resistant board that has been especially formulated with a higher content of silicone to prevent the absorption of water .These boards should be used on a covered patio or in a bathroom .They also help reduce the growth of mould in these damp areas . We look forward to building a working relationship as well as a friendship with you our valued client .So give us a call and let us give you a quote on your ceiling or dry walling partition.

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